The takeover of our food systems by large conglomerates is harmful to farmers, workers and eaters, and is central to many of today’s pressing social justice and environmental issues.

Our programs seek to decrease dependence on and participation in the global corporate food complex by promoting small-scale, decentralized alternatives that are healthy and just for producers, eaters and communities as a whole. We integrate an animal liberation perspective and uphold models that are not reliant on animals for food or labor.

Our names

Why Seed the Commons? Seeds and land are the foundations of our food systems. In the face of corporate greed, we aim to defend and reclaim our collective right: our land and our seeds. Let’s take back our streets and fields, rewild our public spaces, grow food locally, and defend the common heritage of our seeds!

Millahcayotl, our first name, comes from the Nahuatl words milpa and yotl and can be translated as “the way of the milpa”. Milpas are a traditional form of Mesoamerican agriculture in which corn, beans and squash are cultivated in an integrated manner. For us, the word millahcayotl represents a holistic approach of food production and consumption and an understanding of the relation between agriculture and environment, food and community, and the importance of the acts of growing food and feeding oneself and others as tools of social and environmental action. It’s also a reminder that agriculture does not require animal exploitation.